Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hard time with Virus

I have formatted my laptop thrice in one month, thats was really not a nice thing. I decided to switch to Linux as my prominent OS. In Linux I love ubuntu rather than fedora.
But for my designing website purpose and some other works I need windows so I downloaded two different Anti virus software ESET NOD 32 and Semantic Norton Anti virus 2009. I have to say that both are really good in performance but while i was cleaning portable adobe photoshop CS3, ESET NOD 32 deleted the CS3 by projecting three plugin dll files as virus.

The second major thing is updating the virus definition databse.

In ESET NOD 32 you can update the database by writing the update in a cd and setting the default update server to the location of the CD-Rom which has the virus definition file.

In Norton just download the update from the semantic website and run the .exe file thats all....

Norton would let your system to slowdown the process.

if you want to go for open souce anti-virus choose between these two.

kaspersky Anti-Virus
Avast- Home Edition

The same file was scanned by Norton it deleted all virus not the files. Please post your experience regarding this.

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